Project of the Month – West Hillhurst Residence

This month’s Project of the Month is our West Hillhurst Project. This home has tons of charm..warm wood tones and a pop up blue that creates a cozy atmosphere.

The use of greenery and plush accents such as the armchair, draperies and area rug add layers that soften the living room. These layers contrast the wood floor and stone fireplace and bring warmth to the space.The cozy atmosphere carries on into the Dining Room. Soft draperies and a fabulous wood table make the space cohesive with the rest of the house. We incorporated the client’s love for New York City with fun wall hangings of famous city streets.The blue and gold geometric wallpaper adds the perfect amount of drama to the space. The rustic bookcase is styled beautifully, incorporating eclectic pieces that adds dimension and character.

The Master Bedroom is a flawless oasis. The calming greys, wood tones and greenery make the space feel serene and a perfect place to rest your head after a long day.

Photo Credit: Bookstrucker

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