Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, design lovers! This week we wanted to focus on one of our favourite new design trends: Wabi Sabi! This trend is derived from ancient Japanese philosophy about finding beauty in imperfection. It’s all about using organic materials and embracing the worn look from years of lovin’. Here’s our take on the trend..

Aly is swooning over the GB910 Ceramic Watering Cans from Lando. Exclusive design and Italian craftsmanship; these are the elements behind the uniqueness of their products. Their simple and essential forms render these objects sophisticated and elegant.

Alison is gaga for the Canvas Chair from Stoft Studio. This chair is designed to highlight the upholstery on the seat, which works like an embroidery frame to showcase varied materials like pieces of art.

Kristy loves the Broken Egg Cocktail Table from Phillips Collection. Made with white and gold leaf details, this unique conversation starter is quirky but refined and the perfect way to add some interesting decor pieces to your space.

Rob is crazy for the Light Tan Moroccan Leather Pouf from Socco Designs. These poufs are a great way to add some extra seating to your space while still keeping it stylish. It’s also available on the AVD Shoppe!

Katie is obsessed with the painting Nude Women Under the Sun by Mattea Perrotta.  The visible brush strokes left behind by the oil paint makes this piece feel organic while creating dimension on the canvas. This piece is the perfect way to add some colour to your space!

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