Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, design lovers. As we wrap up another week at the AVD studio, we wanted to share with you some breezy summer style favourites… think luxe coastal… there, don’t you feel more relaxed already?

Katie is obsessed with this stylish Jazz bar stool from Stylepark. A beautiful harmony of shapes and forms come together in an elegant and ergonomic profile. A curved back makes the seat feel cozy and embracing. Slim steel legs support the gorgeous pop of colour making it feel light, bright and happy yet luxurious all at the same time.

Aly is drooling over this Julie Nightstand from Egg Collective. Satin brass drawers are nestled into a flint grey box cabinet, with a lacquered wood interior. ¬†The epitome of luxurious simplicity, this nightstand just can’t be beat for both function and style. Drool worthy.

Kristy can’t get over these stunning Smoke Lucite Drawer Pulls from LuxHoldups. A gorgeous smoky colour, with 45 degree cut ends make this pull a true stunner by itself, let alone the staggeringly beautiful brass posts. The perfect addition to any luxurious seaside escape!

Brittany thinks these Crochet Pouf Footstools from RNArtDesign are just too cute, and are the perfect addition to a coastal property. A fresh take on the ever trendy crochet pouf, these little ottomans feature a set of classic wooden stool legs, making two worlds collide in a fabulous and unique way.

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