Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, design lovers! This week we’ve decided to share designs that fall a little left of center, which help make a space feel unique, bold and interesting.

Ben is gaga for these Pin lights by Ichiro Iwasaki with Vibo.  This collection of wall lights provides both indirect ambient and focused reading light to whatever room its in. Arms reach out from a central pivoting point casting light from the bulb at the end. An incredibly unique statement piece that you don’t see everywhere.

Kristy is obsessed with the vintage feel of these Hand-Welded House Numbers from Anthropologie. Inspired by the mid-century fonts like the Mackintosh font, the numbers are very organically structured, with an elongated and stretched appearance. The perfect way to add some pizzazz to your front porch.

Brittany loves the organic quality of this Bloom chair by Kenneth Cobonpue. A captivating piece of furniture that closely resembles the pleated petal of a morning glory flower. A bloom perfectly perched on a mid-century-style swivel chair, in a tantalizing tangerine colour. A true statement piece if ever there was one.

Katie is digging the edgy vibe of this Vertigo Console Table  by Hervé Langlais for Galerie Negropontes from 1st Dibs. Although a little out of most peoples’ budgets, this console table has some serious style; with its wonky, off-center legs and gem-like faceted quality this table is sure to stun in whatever room you place it.

Aly is drooling over these brand new Agrarian Tiles from Fireclay Tile. Inspired by crop layouts in the California area that can be seen from the windows of an airplane, these tiles are all hand-painted and provide infinite possibilities. Available in several different colourways, these tiles are the perfect addition to your home to make a bold statement and start a conversation.







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