Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, design lovers! This week we are all about that brass – it’s a trend that, since its revival a couple of years ago, continues to be a strong competitor in the world of design. Check out some of our favourite pieces below.

Brittany is obsessed with these Brass Birds from Tipsy Palm… so obsessed, in fact, that she just bought them for her new apartment! A grouping of three brass birds capture a single moment of movement in undeniable fashion. A vintage set with modern charm make these pieces completely unique and extraordinary.

Ben is digging the sleek quality of this Float Wall Sconce from Artico Lighting. Elongated proportions make this wall sconce the epitome of refined, modern elegance and class. Reminiscent of retro lamp design, this light is a re-imagined masterpiece; we can help but love it.

Kristy loves the chic vintage quality this Tom Dixon Square Flash Table. This table is simply stunning. A very elementary, geometric table featuring a circular base, square top and an uncomplicated cylinder connecting the two with as few joints as possible. And the brass… so vintage, so modern, so good.

Katie is drooling over the detail in this Pull Bar and Plate from Buster + Punchy. An industrial look in a glam way – a combination that’s hard to complete in one piece, but none the less, here it is, and it’s gorgeous.

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