Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, design lovers. This week we wanted to send you some sunny vibes, as we’ve been feeling ultra inspired by dramatic yet sunny palettes that give lots of energy to a space!

Aly is gaga for this Mustard Folds artwork by Gary Andrew Clarke from Art Star. This geometric compilation of yellows, charcoal, black and white make this piece visually interesting and dynamic. Clarke is known for his artwork to not be about anything in particular, which allows the viewer to drift away into the piece and contemplate its meaning.

Katie loves the structure of this Meridian Pendant from Una Malan. Inspired by the simple form of a Chinese Bi disk, which are ancient jade disk artifacts with a whole in the middle.
Bi is traditionally associated with heaven and the sky revolving around a central axis. This axis is the energy highway, also called Meridian in Chinese medicine. What a cool concept for a light to add a little history lesson to your home, and become a great conversation starter.

Brittany is digging the tribal edginess of this Pictograph Media Console from West Elm. Designers translated the intricate design of ancient carvings to create the textural pattern seen on the doors. This ancient looking piece sits perched on modern brass Y-shaped metal legs, that convey both a traditional and modern glamour.

Kristy is drooling over the beautiful simplicity of this Isabella Slipper Chair from Stuart Scott. Its exquisite tailored fluting and distinctive lines give a shapely feminine edge and when combined with this vibrant cotton velvet in Designers Guild Primrose Yellow, its class can’t be ignored. A great stand-alone piece that is also perfectly suited to work with your existing furniture.

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