Design Crush – Tartine Manufactory, San Francisco

The Tartine Manufactory is one incredibly beautiful space in San Francisco, California. It is a chic, industrial space with a bakery, Californian cafe, coffee counter, ice cream window and wine bar! What more could you ask for? We are crushing hard!

An amalgamation of old and new make this place a true San Fran gem!

Industrial window frames are whitewashed, and mixed with a natural wood frame making the space feel light and bright. So not only does it hearken back to the industrial age, but it brings a fresh, Japanese Shoji Screen style that is marked for it’s simple beauty and elegance. Combined with cream Japanese style lanterns, the Manufactory is a visual delight.

Clever uses of displays make this space feel like you’re in the middle of a bakery, but a bakery that is also a restaurant; showcasing dishes as you would a pastry. It’s rather ingenious and completely unique.

Every area of the manufactory is a display of the artistry behind baking. Having it open for patrons to view allows them to feel like they are a part of the process making it a totally unique and memorable experience.

Photo credit: Mariko Reed

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